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I just wanted to say how fantastic the course was on Saturday.

You were amazingly patient and we couldn't be more thrilled with the outcome, they're wonderful, they're hands down the most precious thing I now own!! I can't get over how good they are.

It was so well run, the food was great and we really learned a lot, you were so patient and good at guiding us, we've been raving about it ever since! It was such a great day.

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By Caroline & Conor, Craft Your Own Wedding Ring Course

I honestly can’t  think of anything more beautifully bonding and special for a couple to do as to fashion and craft their own wedding rings together and come out with a finished product of incredible quality and value in so many ways.

It is an amazing experience watching your own creation coming together and one of the most enjoyable days I have had the pleasure of participating in, in a long time.

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By The Wedding Guy - Stephen Sheridan, International Co-ordinator

"The School of Jewellery has been set up to the highest spec. The best quality tools and supplies are in abundance, so the focus of every class is on learning and doing and not queuing for a turn of a tool! With a class size of up to 10, you are guaranteed to get individual attention from Deirdre who has carefully chosen projects for beginners that ensures challenge, the learning of key skills.

What is very impressive is that the classes cater for students at different skill levels and that doesn't seem to phase Deirdre in the slightest - so it's great for the beginner to be among other students who are also starting off and others that are more advanced. The atmosphere is friendly but highly professional.

 It's just super to go to a class that encourages creativity and challenges you to get to the next level every time. It's clear that Deirdre is an amazing goldsmith but what's even better is that she is happy to teach you everything that she knows including tricks of the trade you'd never find in reference books!  Be warned it's addictive! 

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By Tracy , Donabate

Many people spend weeks if not months, looking for the perfect ring to place on their loved ones finger on their wedding day. But none more special is that ring or rings to be made by your spouse.

My now wife Sinéad had decided that she would like to make my wedding ring for our big day. She booked the weekend course 'make your own wedding ring' at The School of Jewellery Irleand in Dublin.


Sinéad took part in the weekend course and made my wedding ring.  My wife enjoyed the experience so much she decided to make her own wedding ring and booked another weekend at The School of Jewellery Ireland.


More astonishing to me was the sheer quality of the workmanship and the professional finish of the rings. Sinéad did the majority of the work, supervised by the highly experienced goldsmith. Sinéad herself found the course fantastic and still talks about it.


I can truly say that the ring is the best gift I have ever received. At our wedding we had a 'ring warming' ceremony and explained to the guests the significance of the rings and how they had been made by Sinéad. Our guests thought it was a wonderful idea. 


These rings are hugely sentimental pieces of jewellery and now extremely meaningful to us both.  Both rings are aptly engraved 'Past, Present, Future'...


Sincerest thanks to The School of Jewellery Ireland.



By James, One Day Craft Your Own Ring Course

Just Add Attitude added a review of The School Of Jewellery Ireland to her fantastic blog - Read the review HERE

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By Just Add Attitude- Blog Review, Online Blogger

My background is in carpentry and general building. I have no particular interest in gems or adornment but the intricacy and skill of fine metalwork does fascinate me and having met Deirdre at a crafts fair in the R.D.S.  I thought  “ that is a person I could work with”.

I signed up for a 10 week course and am entirely pleased that I did. Practical, knowledgeable, helpful, professional and consummately cheerful, she is a pleasure to learn from.

The workshop is well equipped, well lit and well run. I am now in my 4th 10 week course and recommend the School of Jewellery to anyone wishing to train to the highest standard. 

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By Roly , Dublin


"I was enrolled in your 10 week evening class that finished up in April and I just wanted to say thanks! The course was invaluable to me in learning the core skills and proper technique in jewellery making. My tutor, Lee, had a very relaxed but comprehensive teaching method which allows students to learn proper technique of the core skills with great enjoyment.

I have since been accepted onto the 2 Year Crafts Council Jewellery Course in Kilkenny and believe I owe part of my success in gaining a place there to The School of Jewellery's evening classes and high standard of tutoring." 

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By Sandra Hartweig,

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